Trailer mover

This seems to be a very useful tool and I believe will be even more useful in the future. We wanted a trailer mover, but for a $150+ tax and shipping I couldn’t see buying one. So I built one.

I did some research and looked around at pictures and websites to see what would be the best way to build one. I really didn’t like anything I seen, but liked something on all of them. I decided I would just build one and see what happens. Off to the steel/salvage yard I went. I bought a piece of 2.25″x2.25″x10″ square tubing and a piece of 3/8″x10″x16″ scrap with holes already drilled the right size for the top link bolt. Cost was under $30.00. I bought a 2 5/16 ball for the top so the goose neck trailer could be moved around (empty only) for bout $10.00 and a multipurpose receiver hitch with a clevis and 3 ball sizes consisting of 1 7/8″, 2″, and 2 5/16″. This was the most expensive piece coming in around $55. Then I bought two category one pins that ran less than $10.00 for the pair. Besides paint and the extras I added on we are at approximately $105 into the project. Adding welding wire, cutting wheels, and misc. supplies the project was under the cost of the cheapest I could find and it is custom built to my liking.

I came up with some dimensions I thought would be suitable for the project and got started. All thou I have had compliments on it, I believe because of the paint, I still built it keeping in mind function over looks. I did add extra bracing, D rings, hooks, and a top receiver tube. That makes it more useful and did make the cost go up, but still under a $150 and you still will not find anything close to it with the possible functions that this piece of equipment will have.




Here is the basic structure with the upper and lower square receiver hitches.








Almost finished and ready to paint. This picture shows the additional bracing I added.








Sprayed on some red paint to match the tractor.








Here it is complete with D rings, hooks, and multipurpose hitch hooked up to our Mahindra 4wd 4025.






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