The Guineas are loose.

The Guineas are finally old enough we can turn them loose and let them free range with the other adult birds. Guineas get their flying wings around 8 weeks old so we release them to free range between 8 – 10 weeks old depending on how we feel and the flock is doing. This way they can fly up into the trees for safety away from any predators that may come after them.


Guineas are an amazing animal that originated from Africa. They move in packs/flocks and stay close together. They can be noisy at times when they are alerting each other of danger. They make great watch dogs with built in alarms. With any luck the chickens will learn from their distress signal they give for safety and also stay out of harms way. In some places they are considered a delicacy and severed in luxury restaurants. Their eggs are usually white and speckled with a slightly harder shell than a chicken egg, but taste the same as a chicken egg.


Our main reason for having them is they are good about keeping snakes away and eating mosquitoes. They love to feast on bugs, rodents, snakes, etc. You can turn them loose in the garden and most of the time they will pick the bugs off the plants without eating or disturbing any of the veggies.


Here they are checking out the roost outside their new stomping ground.

They already have a handle on going into the chicken pen at night and no need to hunt them down and run them in.

Here they are the next morning flying up on top of the chicken pen checking everything out before their morning free range feast.


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