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Trailer mover

This seems to be a very useful tool and I believe will be even more useful in the future. We wanted a trailer mover, but for a $150+ tax and shipping I couldn’t see buying one. So I built one. I did some research and looked around at pictures and websites to see what would …

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Transfer Tank update 3 – PROJECT COMPLETE!

Here is the final and last update on the Fuel Transfer Tank. PROJECT COMPLETE! May not be the best looking set up, but it is fully functional. In the previous post on this you can see what our approximate investment is in this project (previous post click here or at the end of this post). …

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Fuel Transfer Tank Update 2

We are close to finished! Few days back we got some more work done. For those of you that don’t know the fuel tank is right in front of the steering wheel on our tractor. You open a fuel door on top of the hood and it reveals the filler neck. About the only way …

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Pumpkin Carving Stencils/Patterns

With Halloween only 2 weeks away we would like to share this link to a some stencils/patterns for carving pumpkins. Doesn’t get much easier than this. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween.   http://www.pumpkinmasters.com/free-patterns.asp

Stock Tank/Pond

Well we have decided since the last drought we would build us a stock tank. We will be doing this over time. Right now we needed to level some spots in the yard and put some dirt back in the chicken run so what better place to get some excess dirt than from the future …

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Fuel Transfer Tank Build update 1.

Here is an update on our Fuel Transfer Tank for our tractor. We got a little bit of work done on the skid, straps, and shelf/storage area.     Here you can see a took a piece of 2″x20’x3/16″ flat and wrapped/bent around a piece of pipe I had laying around of similar diameter to …

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Chicken Coop #2

Well we decided to expand the birds, but first had to build a new coop for the adult birds and we will raise the babies in the old coop because it is more secure from predators.     Here you can see the start of the new coop. It will be 6′ tall in front, …

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Fuel Transfer Tank Build.

Here is a build we are working on to make sure we can get fuel to our tractor and have fuel when we need it. Driving the tractor on the pavement will wear the Ag / R1 tires prematurely because they are not designed for that so we do not want to put it on …

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First Chicken Coop

This is our first chicken coop we built. We used some left over wood from a previous project. The coop is 3’X6′. The bottom of the coop is about 3′ off the ground. We decided to paint it barn red with white trim. The chicken pen is 10’X20′. We got an awesome deal on these …

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