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Yesterdays Gift

Well here is a wonderful gift we received yesterday. Weighed 200lbs field dressed. Took it right down the road less than a 1/4 mile to be processed. Doesn’t get much better. Looking forward to some great sausage.                  

Feral Hog update.

We have not caught any yet, bet here is some pictures with for sure signs that we do have a feral hog issue.     Here is a picture of their foot/hoof print. Also another picture of the foot/hoof print.   Here you can see how they have been rooting around. Although they make good …

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Feral Hog

Yesterday I walked out thru the field and notice some ground disturbed. I look a bit closer and notice we now have feral hogs rooting around on our property and it is time to get rid of them before we buy are breeding/meat pigs! These things have became a problem in our neck of the …

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