This is the first thing we bought for our tractor. As you know we are trying to get the old homestead back up and running. It is over grown with weeds, brush, trees, etc. It is amazing how just a little bit of shredding can really bring life back to a place. We have got the bulk of things knocked down and going to start thinning out the rest. The weeds and brush was smothering the grass and now the grass is already starting to over take the weeds.  We are debating on seeding with anything or not. I think we will see what happens and just maintain it first as we have a bermuda and coastal grass mix that is growing and doing great.


Anyways back to the shredder. We bought from a family member that had a larger tractor and wanted to upgrade the shredder to a larger one and knew we was buying a tractor and in the market for a shredder. Well we gave him half the price of a new heavy duty 6 foot rotary cutter for this one. It also was a better price than any used one we could find. Best part is we know he keeps his stuff well maintained. Doesn’t look bad for an almost 10 year old Dale Phillips shredder.


I think anybody buying a tractor from a subcompact to a large utility needs some sort of shredder and/or mower to maintain their homestead. This is probably also one of the first purchases many people make when buying a tractor if they don’t already have one.

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