Shred some more.

On Sunday we finally got the last of the open area shredded. also all the cactus and mesquite bushes removed in this same area. We do not intend to remove all the cactus. We only want to remove it from the open area and keep some in the parts we are going to leave wooded. The cactus is wonderful for the cows when there is a drought or shortage of hay along with the opportunity to make jelly and not to mention we do not want to remove all the mesquites trees either for the same reasons food source for the animals and jelly. Yes, Mesquite Bean Jelly, but we will leave that one for another day.


Underneath all the weeds there is a wonderful mixture of Bermuda and Coastal grasses that we hope will revive soon and with any luck help cut down on some of they hay bill for the cows. Don’t know how well it will do this year, but with any look next year it will be beautiful and thick.  There is a man down the road that managed to clear his property and get the bermuda and coastal back. It is thick and beautiful. Need to pay him a visit and see what he does. We heard shred out the weeds and fertilize the rest. So that will be our philosophy for now.



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