Fuel Transfer Tank Update 2

We are close to finished! Few days back we got some more work done. For those of you that don’t know the fuel tank is right in front of the steering wheel on our tractor. You open a fuel door on top of the hood and it reveals the filler neck. About the only way to really put fuel in it with a fuel can is to stand on the tire and stretch trying to hold the fuel can. We will probably be between $400-$450 in material when we are finished with this build, but is cheaper than falling off the tire of a tractor when putting fuel in and breaking a leg or something worse. A new steel 50gal tank is $250+ and a cheap Harbor Freight pump like we have is bout $150. Those 2 things alone are $400. Our Fuel Transfer Tank Skid will hold the 46 gallon diesel fuel tank, one 5 gallon diesel plastic can, one 5 gallon metal gas can, have room for another 5 gallon or less fuel can, and still store odds and ends like funnels, filters, small tools, etc. Don’t forget being able to build, repair, or modify things is also a step closer to self sustaining.


Trying to figure where to mount pump on the skid for the transfer tank.

In this picture we have all the shelves on the skid, roof over where pump will sit, brace for pipe that the fuel filter housing will be hanging off, straps with one end of turn buckle welded on, chains that turn buckles will hook to, nozzle holder, and lifting points.

After all the welding, cutting, grinding, wire wheeling, etc. we finally got some paint on the skid. Not to mention just before a rain storm came in. This will be our stopping point since we got rained out…….. stay tuned.




Here is the previous post on the Fuel Transfer Tank build.



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