Fuel Transfer Tank Build.

Here is a build we are working on to make sure we can get fuel to our tractor and have fuel when we need it. Driving the tractor on the pavement will wear the Ag / R1 tires prematurely because they are not designed for that so we do not want to put it on the road unless necessary. It will be a metal skid about 36″x36″. It will have a shelf on the back to hold other items.



The tank is a 46 gallon semi truck fuel tank which I got from the local salvage yard and believe it came off a Volvo truck. Here is the tank on the way home. It was just a little bit dirty inside. I believe it hadn’t been at the truck salvage long before I bought it ($100). I took it to the car wash and cleaned it out inside the best I could and it looks almost new inside. It is aluminum so we do not ever have to worry bout it rusting and rusted metal flaking off inside damaging our fuel system on the tractor. Then I filled with water to check for leaks and let it sit for a couple hours or so. Drained the water, let it dry, put a couple gallons of diesel in it, swished it around to try to get rid of excess water, and drained again. We are good to start on the skid now.



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