Fuel Transfer Tank Build update 1.

Here is an update on our Fuel Transfer Tank for our tractor. We got a little bit of work done on the skid, straps, and shelf/storage area.



Here you can see a took a piece of 2″x20’x3/16″ flat and wrapped/bent around a piece of pipe I had laying around of similar diameter to get the ring shape for the straps to hold the tank on the metal skid.

Here you can see the tank sitting on what is gonna be the metal skid with the straps/rings around it that we made. The skid is made of 2″x2″x3/16″ angle iron I manage to round up at the steel yard in the scrap pile. The angle iron was in lengths of 28″-38″. (20ft flat above and angle iron $35). There is enough room on this side of the fuel tank to mount the pump. The pump and tank will take up just over half maybe two thirds of the skid.

Here you can see the straps welded to the metal skid.

This is a picture of the shelf that will be behind the tank. It is approx. 13″x36″. The shelf will be approx. one third of the skid. I used expanded metal, some of the 2″x2″angle, and a piece of 1″x1″ angle I had laying around.

Here is another shot of the shelf.

Here you can see a little angle bracing I added to the rear shelf. It is a piece of the 2″ flat I used for the straps to hold the tank.

Here is the previous post on the Fuel Transfer Tank build.






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