FEED for all?

Just wanted to share a thought.

I dunno bout all of you, but when feeding one or hundreds of animals it seems at sometime during the season you are going to buy feed. It maybe winter and everything is covered in a snow blanket or it could be a summer drought turning everything to a dust bowl. Now if you have one type of animal and only a few its pretty simple to hopefully give it left overs and buy very little feed from where ever, but if you have different types or species and numerous animals what do you do? Again its easy if you have a couple of chickens, but if you have 100 chickens, 3 pigs, 4 diary goats, 3 rabbits, 7 cows, and 2 dogs what do you do? I dont have these numbers, but one day we might and I see this as very possible.

What about free feed? Left over produce, bakery goods, etc.? This is what we want to do, but what is in it? Which animals do you feed it to? I hope to all. How do you go about doing such a thing? This seems to be the cheapest method besides the fuel it is only your time spent.

Everyone wants GMO free and Organic. That is great, but the cost is expensive. I found a feed mill that sells exactly this. GMO free and Organic, but is 2-3 times the cost of the other feed at the feed store or tractor supply.  Well I do think they will make a custom blend, but what blend would feed all those animals? If you buy at least 500lbs they will sell to you right at the mill otherwise you have to find a feed store that sells their products. This would be nice, but obviously the most expensive if you have to buy a few pounds to a few tons of feed a year for each type of animal. I would probably go out of my way to buy in bulk if there was an all around blend that could be fed to all animals. Is there a such thing?

Another thought is that long ago there was no such thing as bagged feed. What did they do then besides pasture for all of these animals and cut hay? I guess you could give your left overs, such as eggs, diary, and baked goods that are getting ready to go bad.


Well I guess only time will tell what we will do.

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