Chicken Coop #2

Well we decided to expand the birds, but first had to build a new coop for the adult birds and we will raise the babies in the old coop because it is more secure from predators.



Here you can see the start of the new coop. It will be 6′ tall in front, 5’6″ tall in rear, 8′ deep, and 6′ wide. The coop sits on top of 2 – 4″X6″X10′ skids and the floor is 1/2″ OSB plywood painted and primed on both sides.

Here is a pic of the outside after it has been primed with Kilz Paint. We had them put a tint of gray into it because the final main color will be like a Barn Red. If we just left the primer white and used a cheap red it would turn pink and we didn’t want that.

Here is a shot of the ceiling joist which are made out of 2″X4″s and will also double as the roof rafters. It is also braced in the middle which is just for peace of mind, but it is over kill since the only thing it will be holding up is tin on the roof.

Here is a shot of the outside painted and almost complete. painted before we put the tin on so no paint got on the tin.

Here is a shot of the nest boxes. We painted most of the inside with White Kilz Paint to help keep down on the mold and we also read somewhere that flies do not like white. Don’t know if true or not, but definitely wouldn’t hurt. The white will also help make it feel larger and brighter inside. You can see the cedar 1″X6″ that just pops out with a little tug so that the nest boxes can be cleaned very easy.

Here is the roost that is made of 2x4s and Mesquite Tree branches. We used the 2x4s for strength and the tree branches so the chickens would have the natural roost feeling. Also notice the chicken ramp under the roost for the old and/or the lazy chickens.

Here is the man door for us to walk in to collect eggs and clean the coop. We like using the BIG X on the doors so it is easy to tell from a distance or just look out the window from the kitchen and be sure the door is closed. So regardless if you trim in a X or just paint a X on like this it is nice to just glance and know what is going on.

Here you can see the new coop with the new chicken run. The new chicken run is bout 8’X20′. The entire run is enclosed with chicken wire with 2x6s around the bottom and 2x4s for the rest of the structure. We do turn the chickens out every morning and they come back in every evening on their own without us chasing them down. When we started free ranging our chickens it cut our feed bill down less then half of what we was spending and the chickens are happier and look healthier.

Notice old coop in back ground and the chain link gate propped up against chicken run/pen where the man door is. We had to put the gate there due to the cows kept getting in there and trying to eat the chicken feed.

If you look real close in the above picture you can see our White Leghorn Rooster entering in the chicken door of the coop.




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