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This is the first thing we bought for our tractor. As you know we are trying to get the old homestead back up and running. It is over grown with weeds, brush, trees, etc. It is amazing how just a little bit of shredding can really bring life back to a place. We have got …

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Stock Tank/Pond

Well we have decided since the last drought we would build us a stock tank. We will be doing this over time. Right now we needed to level some spots in the yard and put some dirt back in the chicken run so what better place to get some excess dirt than from the future …

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Shred some more.

On Sunday we finally got the last of the open area shredded. also all the cactus and mesquite bushes removed in this same area. We do not intend to remove all the cactus. We only want to remove it from the open area and keep some in the parts we are going to leave wooded. …

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Fuel Transfer Tank Build update 1.

Here is an update on our Fuel Transfer Tank for our tractor. We got a little bit of work done on the skid, straps, and shelf/storage area.     Here you can see a took a piece of 2″x20’x3/16″ flat and wrapped/bent around a piece of pipe I had laying around of similar diameter to …

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Fuel Transfer Tank Build.

Here is a build we are working on to make sure we can get fuel to our tractor and have fuel when we need it. Driving the tractor on the pavement will wear the Ag / R1 tires prematurely because they are not designed for that so we do not want to put it on …

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Finally after all this time we bought a tractor. A BRAND NEW TRACTOR!! First thing new we have ever bought as a family for the family that matters and will last a life time. Taking over the little old homestead this is gonna make dreams come true. The sky is the limit now. Although getting …

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