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P.J. our Black Angus Bull

Here is a pic of P.J. our Black Angus bull. He is about 3yrs old and we estimate 1,700+lbs. He is doin his job better than any other bull we ever had. We have cows that have never calved before droppin calves left and right. We was getting ready to cull about 3-5 cows because …

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The Guineas are loose.

The Guineas are finally old enough we can turn them loose and let them free range with the other adult birds. Guineas get their flying wings around 8 weeks old so we release them to free range between 8 – 10 weeks old depending on how we feel and the flock is doing. This way …

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Free Range Chickens

Here is picture proof of our chickens free ranging. It is so good for them. The eggs, meat, and chickens health is so much better. Also helps control the bug and insect population.      

Feral Hog update.

We have not caught any yet, bet here is some pictures with for sure signs that we do have a feral hog issue.     Here is a picture of their foot/hoof print. Also another picture of the foot/hoof print.   Here you can see how they have been rooting around. Although they make good …

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Outlaw got his finger pecked.

Well our little Outlaw thought he would be brave and stick his finger in there and let the chickens peck it like Dad does during feeding time or when we like to go out and just give them some fresh grass. Nothin better than a farm kids life.   Here are a couple pictures. He …

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Feeding time!

Feeding time for the birds. They are piling up at the door. We have the chickens and guineas eating out of our hands. They are so entertaining.     Here you can see them awaiting us at the door. We have to be careful where we step or else the will be under our feet. …

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Feral Hog

Yesterday I walked out thru the field and notice some ground disturbed. I look a bit closer and notice we now have feral hogs rooting around on our property and it is time to get rid of them before we buy are breeding/meat pigs! These things have became a problem in our neck of the …

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Todays chores.

Today was great feeding the baby chicks and baby guinea keets. They are getting so big, active, and alert. They are starting to eat out of our hands. Here in these pics they are approx. a month old. You can see all the breeds we are raising here – Pearl White Leghorn, Red Stars, Americana/Arcuna, …

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Chicken Coop #2

Well we decided to expand the birds, but first had to build a new coop for the adult birds and we will raise the babies in the old coop because it is more secure from predators.     Here you can see the start of the new coop. It will be 6′ tall in front, …

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New Baby Chicks

These babies was made and born right here on our little farm. They are full of life. All of our eggs got mixed up so we are not sure which chick belongs to which hen. So now we have 4 baby chicks running around with 4 momma hens. Kinda of threw us an unusual curve …

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