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FEED for all?

Just wanted to share a thought. I dunno bout all of you, but when feeding one or hundreds of animals it seems at sometime during the season you are going to buy feed. It maybe winter and everything is covered in a snow blanket or it could be a summer drought turning everything to a …

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Eggs! We have EGGS!!!

Eggs!! We have EGGS!! WooHoo!! We are getting about a dozen a day. We have brown ones, white ones, and green ones. Keep in mind when buying store bought eggs the date on them is when they are washed and at washing most eggs are 3+ months old and buy time you eat them they …

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Again another new chicken coop

Hopefully this will be the last chicken coop/pen addition. Now we have a brooder/hospital/quarantine section, breeding section, and now this new pen which will hold all the birds. Keep in mind thou we do turn them out everyday! Free range pastured eggs are best! This new section actually comes out to approx. 24′ x 52′ …

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Surprise Chicks

We went out to do our normal routine and found this hen. We thought a predator of some sort had got her. We looked and she was just outside the chicken pen when we turned them all out that morning and seen a baby chick. We ran around the pen to investigate and started counting. …

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Yesterdays Gift

Well here is a wonderful gift we received yesterday. Weighed 200lbs field dressed. Took it right down the road less than a 1/4 mile to be processed. Doesn’t get much better. Looking forward to some great sausage.                  

Cross breed chicken

Here is one of our cross bred chicks. Not sure which hen she came from, but we are for sure our Pearl White Leghorn is the rooster because he is the only rooster old enough to breed. We are curious to see if this chick keeps all of its colors. It has black, white, gray, …

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Predators are very annoying animals. We now have cats, dogs, and hawks just all of the sudden attacking our chickens. What to do? What to do?

Free Range Cattle

Free Range Cattle….In our backyard! Yes, we let the cows free range every where including our backyard. On a small farm as ours we must use every bit of it we can. Most if not all of our animals have access to 99.9% of our property. Sometimes we may move pens around so certain livestock …

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Upside down Rooster!!

First off unfortunately we didnt get any pictures.   We went to turn out the chickens from their coop like any other day and there was one of our almost 3 month old Pearl White Leghorn Rooster hanging upside down from the perch! Only thing we could figure is to many birds got on that …

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Chicken Exterminators

We love tending to the animals in the morning. They are so frisky and energetic. Here our chickens are let out to get some free range breakfast with a couple of our kids helping/playing. Chickens, Guineas, etc. are great animals to have on the farm. They are our natural and chemical free exterminators eating all …

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