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  2. Shredder Chains — March 11, 2013
  3. Boom Pole — February 25, 2013
  4. FEED for all? — February 24, 2013
  5. Eggs! We have EGGS!!! — February 22, 2013

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Ultimate Cattle Panel Greenhouse

This Is an AWESOME eBook with a link to hard to find items, instructional videos, hard to find tools, etc. Ultimate Cattle Panel Greenhouse    

Shredder Chains

We bought this shredder last year from a family member and it is a great unit. We only gave half the cost of a new one. Also this is a heavy duty unit with 1/4″ steel on top and channel iron around the sides. When owning a few acres shredding bush hogging or whatever you …

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Boom Pole

Boom poles are nice for picking up things and moving them around. So we built one instead of buying one. Not sure how strong this thing is, but so far so good. We have only used it for skidding logs, but there is more to come. Ours has D rings, hooks, and a square receiver …

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FEED for all?

Just wanted to share a thought. I dunno bout all of you, but when feeding one or hundreds of animals it seems at sometime during the season you are going to buy feed. It maybe winter and everything is covered in a snow blanket or it could be a summer drought turning everything to a …

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Eggs! We have EGGS!!!

Eggs!! We have EGGS!! WooHoo!! We are getting about a dozen a day. We have brown ones, white ones, and green ones. Keep in mind when buying store bought eggs the date on them is when they are washed and at washing most eggs are 3+ months old and buy time you eat them they …

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Trailer mover

This seems to be a very useful tool and I believe will be even more useful in the future. We wanted a trailer mover, but for a $150+ tax and shipping I couldn’t see buying one. So I built one. I did some research and looked around at pictures and websites to see what would …

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Again another new chicken coop

Hopefully this will be the last chicken coop/pen addition. Now we have a brooder/hospital/quarantine section, breeding section, and now this new pen which will hold all the birds. Keep in mind thou we do turn them out everyday! Free range pastured eggs are best! This new section actually comes out to approx. 24′ x 52′ …

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God made Farmer on the 8th day.

Not to into football, but what little we seen this commercial made it all worth while. Regardless if your a Ford, Dodge or Chevy person this was a great commercial.    

Pallet Forks

Pallet Forks! Never woulda thought these things would be so useful. These have probably gotten more use than anything else when it comes to using the tractor. We got an Awesome deal on a set of 42″ pallet forks with hay spear option at We called them told them what we wanted and in …

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Compost added and plowed.

We hauled in about 11 yards of compost in 2 different trips for just over 5yds per trip. We figured about 1 ton per yard which was just over 10,000lbs each trip. Our goose neck trailer can gross 14,000lbs and it weighs around 3,000lbs itself so we was close to max. Not to mention the …

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