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We got our Jumbo Pearl Guineas from an online order from Strombergs. We got the jumbo for the meat. They are 30% larger. Guineas are great for going after snakes and that is our main reason for purchasing them. We do have snake problems down here in HOT South Texas and these bad boys will give them something to think about.  They will also go after ticks, fleas, other insects, and small rodents. They are strong and tough, hardy birds. If a few get away from you don’t be suprised if they show up with a whole mess of baby keets.


Here they are on arrival day. Almost look like striped skunks or something.

Here they are makin use of our old chicken coop. They are tough and dont waste no time getting it done. These are some great birds.

Here they are checking out the roost outside their new stomping ground.



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