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Chickens and Birds

We mainly focus on dual purpose chickens. Dual purpose means egg and meat birds. We raise them for laying eggs till they reach the age of 2-3 years old. At this age their egg production has started to slow down and they fill out for butchering. Right around 2-3 year mark we take are best chickens and breed them so we can hatch their babies and start the entire cycle over. If planned right you will have fresh eggs and fresh chicken meat every year. We like to use slow cooking recipes like stew, soup, dumplings, etc. You can see our chicken recipes by visiting our chicken recipe page.


Our chickens do get some bag feed, but sparingly. We give them just enough to keep them coming back to the coop. We also give them other treats like veggies. They get their treats and feed in the late evening which helps them to keep coming back to the coop, but for the most part our chickens are free range. We enjoy watching them race after grasshoppers. Free ranging your chickens will also help keep the feed bill down which results in more money in your pocket.


To see our different chickens and other birds see links below.



Easter Egg Chicken

Easter Egg Chicken……. What?……… That is what some people refer to when they see these birds. They are actually called Araucanas/Americanas.  They lay blue green eggs from olive green to a turquoise color. These eggs will make for a great conversation piece especially around Easter. The adult birds do come in a variety of colors …

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We got our Jumbo Pearl Guineas from an online order from Strombergs. We got the jumbo for the meat. They are 30% larger. Guineas are great for going after snakes and that is our main reason for purchasing them. We do have snake problems down here in HOT South Texas and these bad boys will …

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Mixed Breed

These are just random pics of birds that bred when we wasnt lookin or givin to us and we are not sure of what they are, but some of them we have a good idea of what they are we just dont know for a fact how true they are to their breed. We also …

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Pearl White Leghorn

We started our Pearl White Leghorns out from online purchase we made at Murray McMurray Hatchery. These birds are great for laying white eggs, slow cookin after they have slowed on their egg production, and at about 8-10 weeks are good for frying also.     Here is arrival. Just as cute as all get …

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Red Stars

We started our Red Stars out from online purchase we made at Murray McMurray Hatchery. These birds are great for laying brown eggs, hardy bird, easy to raise, good feed conversion ratio, and good for slow cookin after they have slowed on their egg production. They are also sex link birds which means that you …

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