Again another new chicken coop

Hopefully this will be the last chicken coop/pen addition. Now we have a brooder/hospital/quarantine section, breeding section, and now this new pen which will hold all the birds. Keep in mind thou we do turn them out everyday! Free range pastured eggs are best!

This new section actually comes out to approx. 24′ x 52′ for a total square footage of 1,248 feet. We plan on at most having 125 birds at one time and at least 75 birds. If we have 125 in there that comes out to almost 10 square feet per bird. So there is no reason they shouldn’t be happy if for some strange reason we have to keep them in there for a day or two.

We used treated lumber as in hoping we would not have to replace it for 25+ years. The coop part in the pen has some old freezer panels for the roof and walls that was laying around. A good friend of ours father was working on a job where they gave him a bunch of these freezer panels and he gave us some a long time ago. They came out of a grocery store. Now our chickens will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

We also plan on raising rabbits here the coop section of this new pen. We will get twice the function out of this space making it sort of a dual purpose area. So excited. Looking forward to it being finished.



Area where new chicken pen/coop is going.








The structure is going up.








Freezer panels for the roof and lower walls.








Coop section in the pen.








Random picture to show how big this thing is. This picture shows 1/2 to 2/3 of the pen.








This picture shows from one corner crossways to other corner for a better visual of the size.








There will be a couple of roost here, nest box/buckets, and rabbits soon.








We ended up getting a great deal on these 5 gallon buckets. Figured it was cheaper than boxes out of plywood also. The rabbits pens will be placed above the nest box/buckets.





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