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We always wondered if this could be done. Every where we searched, high and low all we could find was people with 200 or more acres that was making a living and that was understandable, but how about the people with less than 20, less than 10, or better yet less than 1 acre and made it! They are out there, but they are few! Most of them have a side line income of some sort  and farming was just their little hobby and if it went bad one month and good the next no big deal. Yes, we have a source of income. It is called a job and it is rare there is any extra money. With a bad economy we have cut almost every corner and bill we possibly can. We are not able to afford good this month and bad the next. SO how do we get the old farm going again? We don’t know, but that is what we are going to show you. Now you will see how someone like you is doing it one little step at a time.


Here you will learn what we have learned. We will share our trial and errors with you. We will help take some of the guess work out of what we are doing and help make the information more accessible to you.  What better way to learn than learn from someone like you that is doing it.


Good Luck and Happy Farming!



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Also since we are always learning and making changes this site will be under construction all the time.


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