50 hour service

We are now geared up to do a 50 hour service on our Mahindra 4wd 4025 tractor.


This is an awesome unit. Some people say was it really worth buying? Our answer is was doing without? Followed by If I had to rent the equipment every time I use it to do what I do with it then it makes at least 2 payments a month for itself!


Well we changed the oil, oil filter, greased, changed hydro/suction filter, checked torque on bolts, topped off fluids, etc. I am glad I changed the engine oil. It was some what clear yet, but smelt burnt. There was a little bit of stuff on the back of the oil plugs. There is 2 oil plugs on the 4wd 4025 and both must be removed to drain all the oil. It took just a pinch over 2 gallons of oil. Extremely very simple and easy to service.

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